Grant Proposal: Wing Project

Program Need

Iriritamago is a country of peace. It is the mission of the monarchy to keep the country well guarded and out of conflict with its neighbors to the south, east, and north. A long-term asset to Iriritamago, Blackthistle has provided a steady stream of useful technology that keeps Iriritamago out of harm’s way and reminds its neighbors that the country is reluctant to fight but, if pressed, will do so well. In recent years, neighbors such as Garamine and Banquo have forgotten this adage. Recent military skirmishes have demonstrated the military might of Garamine in an unprecedented show of arms to border patrols and Banquoin forces have been eating at Iriritamago’s borders for some time. As these encounters are largely in distant quarters of the country and require military and royal time, rations, and energy to reach, a long-range solution is required. Moreover, one that preserves both peasant and royal lives: three princes have already been lost to hotheaded decision-making, one cut down in his box even as he watched and directed the battle. As writer and family member, I will not see more of my brothers slain by their limitations and lack of knowledge. Yet I would not take their passion for participating in the battlefield from them and suggest instead a role more of scout than bystander, which my brothers will agree satisfies their desire to be in the fray with the people.

Goal- The goal of the wing implantation is to secure a safe, effective, and controlled method of aerial survey and transport during Iriritamagonian military encounters; ultimately preserving royal lives in jeopardy during these times.

Objectives: Firstly, to provide a risk-free method of surveillance from a height of four hundred feet (beyond average arrow or other projective range as studied). Secondly, to safeguard the life and limbs of an observing royal by eliminating the need to travel with the troops by foot or watch the battle from a “safe” constructed area. Thirdly, to build on the knowledge of enemy tactics and information before entering the battle, via aerial scouting.

Program Design

Phase One: Testing– Tests are performed on 1) 300 rats, progressing to 2) 150 pigs, and finally 3) 25 volunteers chosen at the discretion of staff and paid by stipend (castle-provided). Tests will include: injection of 0.66 mililiters of the compound daily into the subject’s back, assessed by physical examinations and muscle tests as well as a full body ultraviolet fluid that will make the impact on the body apparent (in development, requires additional commitment of castle-funding).  Further testing will include a “panic trigger” compound, allowing one wing (left) to remain dormant until needed. Approximately one third (total) of the test subjects will be implanted with a panic trigger for one wing. Necessary conditions will be created to stimulate growth of the second wing. Estimated Length of Wing Gestation– is four (4) weeks to break the skin (“emergence”), another two (2) weeks to reach maturity, and an additional two (2) weeks to perform tests on the mature wings. Success will be defined as the external growth of the wings to a wingspan of no less than four feet (two feet per wing). Lesser results will require review and reassessment of methods used. Failed test subjects will be responsibly disposed. Staffing At no time will less than two Blackthistle technicians be in attendance during the tests. Technician Mandrogan will lead the research team, assisted by Pokrifka and Bandersnatch, with oversight from the Marchenduke (Mad King). The technicians have completed their formal training with high marks and form a cohesive team, with Mandrogan having administrative oversight and input of the celebrated Bridgadier defense on the southern border.

Phase Two: Implementation– Once a stable wing has been achieved, the compound and accompanying panic trigger will be implanted in the youngest heir, who will be informed of his role and responsibilities before implementation. Tests will be conducted befitting the schedule given above. No tests will be conducted in active war zones or military encounters. Success will be measured by 1) the successful maturation of the wing, 2)  Estimated Length of this Phase– eight (8) weeks. Staffing– Reasonable efforts will be made to preserve the continuity of Blackthistle staff throughout the implementation phase, such as scheduling and housing accommodations. Explanations will be given in writing for any of the following unexpected scheduling shifts: war, domestic catastrophe, or royal-classified emergency.

Phase Three: Evaluation- In this phase, the success of stated objectives will be measured by the test subject’s completion of the following over the following six (6) years: 1) aerial view of a battlefield from a height of four hundred feet (beyond average arrow range), 2) elimination of risk from projectiles or battlefield confrontations measured by the lack of severe and/or fatal injuries sustained during observation, and 3) enhanced knowledge of battlefield logistics and tactics, measured the number of contributing articles of information (i.e. terrain, numbers, assets, etc.) obtained from observation. Annual tests will be conducted to ensure the wing(s)’ sustainability and function. Staffing- Blackthistle technicians assisting with military movements, currently Technicians Jak and Trebuchet, as well as the prince himself who will be treated to the same evaluation outcomes as his peers.  If there are any issues with the wing(s)’ function, the technicians in charge of the project will immediately be contacted and solicited for health advisement and care.


“Sounds legit.”

-said nobody ever except the Mad King’s idiot brothers. RED FLAGS THERE ARE SO MANY. But when you think the person has good intentions… you tend to overlook and assume.


About Miss Jones writes...

Lisa is a fiction writer who is slowly learning to hack away at the excess words of her craft. Slowly. Verrrrry slowly. She draws, writes, reads, sings, and does the dishes.
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One Response to Grant Proposal: Wing Project

  1. MHWoodscourt says:

    Fascinating. And terrifying. And very authoritative-sounding. Great work making it feel official and real and…still it gives me the creeps. I love the “responsibly disposed” bit. ‘Cuz who cares about volunteer test-subjects?

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