If I loved you…

The full quote:
Olive Snook: Can I ask you a question? If you loved me…
Alfredo Aldarisio: Yes?
Olive Snook: And we could never, ever, ever touch, wouldn’t you eventually get over it and move on letting someone else have the slightest hope that you might move on to them?
Alfredo Aldarisio: If I loved you?
Olive Snook: Yeah.
Alfredo Aldarisio: Then I would love you in any way I could. And if we could not touch, then I would draw strength from your beauty. And if I went blind, then I would fill my soul with the sound of your voice and the contents of your thoughts until the last spark of my love for you lit the shabby darkness of my dying mind.
Olive Snook: Eh, forget it.

The text is from “Bitter Sweets,” the second to last Pushing Daisies episode, season one.

Raul Esparza (the actor) is lovely and, while it’s a bit of a pity he didn’t sing in this episode, his expressions and the way he acts are very controlled. He manages understatement very well, to show his feelings when no one’s looking. He does sing in the 2006 Company revival, most of which is available on Youtube. I’m becoming a big fan of his voice.

And as to why this is here… my DeviantArt and I aren’t getting along. Their ads’ constant attempts at redirection worry and annoy me.


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Lisa is a fiction writer who is slowly learning to hack away at the excess words of her craft. Slowly. Verrrrry slowly. She draws, writes, reads, sings, and does the dishes.
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