Monopoly and Ragtime

I just realized that inflation has absolutely ruined Monopoly (or perhaps the game was always underpriced?)

House: $50.00

Property: $60.00-$400.00.

Railroads: $200.00 a piece.

No matter how much these add up, you aren’t going to get a million for a house. And when was the last time you could buy a railroad for 200 dollars?

 It makes me think of the Ragtime the musical song “Success” as well. It’s a musical set in the 1900’s hey-day, with Henry Ford and hundreds of immigrants, and so much opportunity. As Tateh says, “I may be just a maker of art, but here you can start with less, and make a success!”

Fifty dollars for a house. Two hundred to buy a railroad. I’ll say you could. 🙂


About Miss Jones writes...

Lisa is a fiction writer who is slowly learning to hack away at the excess words of her craft. Slowly. Verrrrry slowly. She draws, writes, reads, sings, and does the dishes.
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