I came across the term “bleeding edge technology” today. Since I am not on the “bleeding edge” of this phrase, or even the dull edge, I had to wikipedia it.

Do we need this phrase? Shouldn’t the “cutting edge” be enough? Though I can understand the need to be at the forefront of new technology, a phrase like “keeps abreast of up-to-the-minute trends” or “researches market on a day to day basis,” or even “researches fringe markets and willing to take risks with emerging technologies” would work better.

Of course, those are wordy substitutions, but they take less time to type than it took me to look up “bleeding-edge” on Wikipedia.

I infer from bleeding edge that someone has cut themselves on new technology. Desirable job qualification… maybe not.


About Miss Jones writes...

Lisa is a fiction writer who is slowly learning to hack away at the excess words of her craft. Slowly. Verrrrry slowly. She draws, writes, reads, sings, and does the dishes.
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