It’s all in who you know (or don’t)

Dear Recruiter

Dear (insert Company Name) Recruiter

Dear Sir or Madam

After having called and emailed a couple of companies in search of names, I have realized there is sometimes no way to obtain the name or gender of the person you are writing to, particularly if the company is out of state.

What’s more, sometimes it is a matter of already knowing before you get the job in order to know. One of the companies I called could not give out the name of the hiring manager, but at least I obtained a title to write to.

How much time can one afford to go searching for a name that the company clearly doesn’t want out there? If you want cover letters addressed to the staff, please, for the sanity of your applicants, put your names out there.

Everyone else — you may as well put a title or, if at a complete loss, ‘Recruiter,’ ‘Hiring Manager.’ I’m not saying paste “Mr./Ms. Recipient of this letter” on there, but come on. Let’s stop playing Hide the Name/Trash the Resume.


About Miss Jones writes...

Lisa is a fiction writer who is slowly learning to hack away at the excess words of her craft. Slowly. Verrrrry slowly. She draws, writes, reads, sings, and does the dishes.
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