So this is the world!

Graduating teaches you much more than you ever wanted to learn. You begin by applying to jobs (after, for some, getting over your massive post-graduation hangover) and quickly find that your experience is in short supply.

Cut that. Paste in, occasionally, “nonexistent” supply, but for a few solitary internships where you wrote largely newsletters. These internships will help you have things to put on your applications and give you valuable skills, but will not in the end get you a job. Neither will studying abroad. You need hard experience.

So, roll up your keyboarding sleeves, log on to WordPress, and get to work. And stop watching the adorable baby fawns in your parents’ yard, no matter how cute they are.

In short, hello from  a writer just out of college and trying to find a job. I’ll try to make this blog worthwhile reading (i.e. maintainable).


About Miss Jones writes...

Lisa is a fiction writer who is slowly learning to hack away at the excess words of her craft. Slowly. Verrrrry slowly. She draws, writes, reads, sings, and does the dishes.
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